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Bill Wade


  Rock n Romance Vintage, Authentic 1940s and 50s Inspired Style Clothing
Bill Wade
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1993. Blood Feud

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Wade, Bill. 'Blood Feud', published in 1993 by Robert Hale, London, in hardback (no dustjacket), 160pp, ISBN 0709051077. Very good condition ex-library copy, with section cut out of very first page where barcode was (no loss of text). Price: £2.99, not including p&p, which is Amazon's standard charge (currently £2.75 for UK buyers and more for overseas customers)
1993, Robert Hale
In stock, click to buy for £2.99 (not including p&p)

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  • Blood Feud [top]
    First published in 1993 in Great Britain by Robert Hale in hardback (no dustjacket), 160pp, ISBN 0709051077
    Original UK retail price: £7.99 net

Storyline: The feud had been a long one. It had pretty well wiped out the men of the Jardin and Carter families. But, as the new family heads, Sam Carter and Ben Jardin were ready to end it. Sam suggested that the two families show their solidarity by demanding a toll from the Texan drovers, who were ruining the two farms in Buffalo Valley with the trampling herds they were pushing up country to the railheads in Kansas. Ben had his doubts about the plan, but finally agreed to go along with the idea. However, there was somebody around who didn't like the scheme at all. And when a bullet from the night cut Sam Carter down, the feud began all over again. Stopping it a second time would lead to bloodshed and death, and even then a peaceful outcome never seemed certain...



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